“There is an unmistakable authenticity that shines through Angela Gayle's songwriting, from the heartfelt honesty of her lyrics to the raw, emotional landscapes she paints vocally, that will definitely captivate you."


             - Linda Garnett, Indie Music Women, Radio Host

“Angela has an edgy musical style that is changing the future of music."


             - Kemmian Beard,  Choreographer/Film Producer

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Angela Gayle is a singer, songwriter and musician that brings a new, energetic sound to pop music. Angela first climbed music charts worldwide in country music, including individual tracks, such as You Ain’t I Bet and Love Yourself. However, it wasn’t until she brought her unique perspective to the pop scene that her fans and industry professionals started referring to her as the “New Pop Innovator.”

Angela Gayle is an award-winning vocalist, pianist and plays guitar. Angela has been involved in formal training, not only in music, but also in acting and dancing. She was raised around greats such as Johnny Cash and Bill Monroe where she credits much of her inspiration and openness to write raw new songs. In addition to beginning music at the age of 3, Angela began acting shortly after and became a worldwide professional model at the age of 15. 

With the release of her new single, Compromise on April 30th, buzz is growing around the new sound and style that she is bringing to the world. Her album, to be released in the summer also comes with high expectations as Angela is known to take old school vibes and update them, twist them in her own way and turn them into popular hits that are irresistible.